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Utilizing Social Media in Your Marketing Strategy

social mediaIn today’s busy world, businesses cannot reach their full potential without utilizing the power of social media. After all, the key to any business success is people, and social media harnesses the power of people. It allows you to have instant PR, essentially putting everyday people to work for you without them even realizing it. People are almost always happy to get behind something they are a fan of, so the power of social media in the last 10-15 years has become huge. It’s the best way to find out what people are thinking and get their feedback to help guide your steps.


This is a vital area that you should be using. It simply means that you take advantage of the people in your social circles who are knowledgeable and savvy about your product and ask them for insight so that you can improve the product or market it better. It’s a great way to find out what people are thinking.

A good example of this idea is branch.com. Using a Twitter interface, a single use can introduce suggestions and concepts to a larger group of industry professionals in that area. Others see the thread and join in the conversation. This is exactly how the “save” symbol was created! A couple of dozen people were active in that discussion and so they all have a role as co-creator for the new save symbol.

Another site for crowdsourcing is chaordix.com, which creates individual circles for the various communities of crowdsourcing. The smallest business leaders are at the top, branding groups in the middle, and user groups at the bottom. The combination of these tools for analysis along with vital feedback from customers and various incentives, Chaordix can help open the lines of communication between top-level managers and consumers. This translates to critical information and ideas that can help determine the direction for new products and services.

When the consumer feels like their voice is heard, you give them a sense of ownership in a way. This can have a wonderful affect on goods and services they use, and the companies and businesses they purchase from. For a fraction of what you would normally pay for advertising, you can use crowdsourcing intelligence to get people involved in the process, which creates excitement. This in turn means that your social media presence will increase significantly as people start sharing on their social media sites. Any time people find out about a product or business from friends, there is automatically a trust level there. As more and more people choose to share to their social media sites, you will reap the benefits. The old saying that word of mouth is the best advertising still rings true today!

Treat User-Groups Like They Are Your Partners

Successful brands have already figured out the power of utilizing the crowd in their marketing plan. Social media is a fantastic way to create communities that will sing your praises and spread the word about you, all because they love to share good ideas.

If you can figure out clever campaigns that utilize your potential customers, you will increase your business exponentially. Look for ways to create an online buzz among people so that they are promoting your product just by being active online. The more you integrate online communities into your marketing through social media, the more success you will enjoy. It just makes good sense to involve the power of people with the power of the internet!





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