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The Secret to Increasing Non-Dues Revenue in 2015

Confidential to Chamber Executives and Directors Only!
If I Knew the Secret to Increasing Non-Dues Revenue in 2015 Would You Want to Know the Secret?

A Secret that will Not Require alot of Your Staffs Time…

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Questions Chamber members have asked us…..

  • I know that I need to market my business on the internet, but I can’t afford to pay for an outside consultant right now – can you help me?
  • Is there a way I could utilize an employee or intern to do some of my online marketing for me?
  • I love the free weekly webinars, but I need more in-depth training – where can I go to get this training?

Questions Chambers have asked us….

  • How can we monetize training?
  • How can we generate “Non-dues” revenue without staff involvement?
  • How can we provide more value to our members?
  • How can we position ourselves as a community leader in technology and resources?
  • How can we attract new members?

Nationwide Local Business Training is the answer to these questions and much more….

A website that has been three years in the making…

What is Nationwide Local Business Training?
  • Easy-to-follow video training
  • Easy-to-follow “Blueprints”
  • A place to find resources and get answers to your questions
How Does “Nationwide Local Business Training” Help
Chambers and Non-Profits Succeed?
  • Creates recurring revenue without staff involvement
  • Provides marketing education and resources to your business members
  • Members receive a 33% discount from non-member price
  • You can brand yourself as leaders in technology in the community.


Still have questions? Complete this form and we will contact you.  Or send us an email at support@nationwidelocalbusinesstraining.com